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Funeral – Bromley

Funeral – Bromley

This one was at the church I regularly play for. This organ is a beast but I couldn’t really let rip as the congregation was small.

Funeral – Hither Green

I belong to a site called Last Minute Musicians and this job was definitely last minute. Got a call from a Funeral Director yesterday asking me to do it. A small crematorium chapel with an electronic keyboard. It did the job.
Funeral – Bromley

Funeral – Bromley

Today I’m in the Good Shepherd Church in Bromley, playing for a funeral. I have a sneaky feeling I have been here before, but can’t be sure. The good thing about this church is that the staircase to the organ gallery is a proper set of stairs, and not, as...

Funeral – Brockley

Today I’m in Brockley at a nice little church. The organ is small but sounds really nice. For some reason, no photo of the office. Clearly out of practice.

Funeral – Highgate Hill

Well, the dreaded lurgey seems to be diminishing so the organ jobs are coming in again. Today I’m at St. Joseph’s in Highgate Hill. Unfortunately the priest didn’t know how to open the organ so I ended up playing on an electronic keyboard. Did the...