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This was an interesting one! The wedding took place in the Old Library in Dulwich College, a really nice setting, and a lovely little organ. Bit exposed for my liking – I like to be hidden away, but today I had to behave myself as I was right out in the open!

The bride and groom both play in rock bands, and their choice of music reflected this.

The bride came down the aisle to Stormbringer by Deep Purple, played on the organ. Yep. Deep Purple. It was fun finding sheet music for a keyboard version. Thank goodness for the interweb. And then trying to do justice to the pounding beat etc on the organ. I had a ball doing this.

The happy couple left to a song by Brian Eno. Couldn’t find sheet music for this so spent a happy half hour sitting down with a recording of it and a sheet of manuscript paper.

And just to add a little something, I bumped into one of my daughter’s university friends in the crowd.

A good day